campaign for Seidl / Austria

wake up at 4:50 am is not really fun, but for shooting like this, it was my pleasure :-)

and this "little" surprise was waiting for us 

my first outfit / 7:00 
(btw i had very first time shooting of national costume..and i hope not the last.. it was great day) 

Beautiful austrian castle

"almost naked"

with my french friend Jean Pierre
(those flip-flops were mine, dont worry.. and i had them on almost all the time...did i say it was great shooting? hahaha)

BUT at least once i had correct shoes

Stefan Leitner in the action!

my second outfit.. temperature outside almost killed me

and at the and i crashed with balloon.. :-D

and we finished before 12:00.. so my new personal record

thanks to:
Viktoria Götzl
Katharina tzl
and their mom 
photographer Stefan Leitner
model Jean-Pierre Delacre
makeup&hair stylist
and other guys


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