Protein cake with blueberries and almonds


40g - mixed oatmeal
1 small spoon - wheat bran
 20g - mixed almonds
50g - protein
250g - lumpy curd (lowfat)
150g - white jogurt
1 small spoon - cinnamon sugar
1 - egg white
3 - egg yolks

So, we start with mixing oatmeal, wheat bran and almonds together to make up the bulk mixture. Then put it into a bowl and mix with protein powder.
In another bowl, mix lumpy curd with yogurt, a teaspoon of sugar and egg yolk. Put the egg whites into another bowl, you add 2 more egg whites and gradually whisk snow.
The bowl of lumpy curd we can slowly - stirring - add the mixture of oatmeal(+almonds, protein). Finally, stir in the snow.
With these ingredients should be enough to create a thick dough, which u can put into small baking dishDont forget to add blueberries. Finally we put in the oven / 180 ° C / at approx. 30 minutes. Done! :)  


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